Fellow Motorcyclists,

Let me take a minute to give you abit of history on how I got to Alaska and how this
motorcycle park came to be.

Brian and I married in 1985 with his dream always being to move to Alaska, in 1992 we
made the decision to do just that.

Through our years of riding, we had been members of Harley Owners Group.  We were very
active in the Columbus, OH Chapter and after moving to PA in 1988, we were charter
members of the Chambersburg PA Chapter.  Whether we were riding for MDA, collecting toys
at the Photo Session with Santa (see cover of 1990 Nov/Dec HOG Tales), serving as site and
registration coordinators of the 1993 PA State HOG Rally in Gettysburg or riding for the local
Homeless Shelter, I know how important volunteerism is to a chapter or club.  Get involved,
you'll be amazed at what you can make happen.
Since moving to Alaska in 1994, we attended State
HOG Rallies in Anchorage and Fairbanks.  But
living in Tok had deterred us from being active
members of a local chapter, the closest being 205
miles away.  We both became just as active in our
community with everything from helping at the Tok
Race of Champions (sprint dog mushing) to
organizing the 4th of July Parade and Festivities.  
For 10 years, we invited motorcyclists to ride in the
parade and participate in the Sourdough Ride-In
Bike Show, a people's choice gold pan was awarded
to the winner.  I was the Junior Girl Scout leader
for five years and Brian has served the community
as Asst. Fire Chief.

In 2000, we opened Thompson's Eagle's Claw,
Alaska's first motorcycle park.  We enjoyed meeting
the many riders who come to Alaska, to share in our
state's magnificent beauty.  Even though we don't
have the same riding season, here in the Interior of
Alaska, we both enjoyed riding as much as possible.

Now it's 2011 and Brian and I are no longer
married.  I bought his share of the business and will
be looking for a scoot to call my own. In no way do I
want to take away from any of the hard work we
both did to make this campground a reality, there
will be the same hospitality as always and more
additions to the campgrounds as the years go by. I
look forward to visiting with the motorcyclists as
they pass through Tok.

Ride Safe,   
MOTORCYCLE PARK                   
Tok, AK 99780
Caribou hunting 1995
Vanessa and Missy
Winter 2011
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Vanessa with Missy at the office 2010
1986 Daytona Beach Bike Week
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